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Radio Settings

Specific setting for bridged individual calls


  • PTT Call Back Timer - Disabled
    (respond for initial delay on call DMR->TETRA)
  • Hook Method for Outgoing Simplex Individual Call - Direct
    (respond only for transmitted call properties, the bridge is tolerant to this setting)
  • Preferred Hook Method for Incoming Simplex Individual Call - Direct
    (allows TETRA radio to hook a call automatically - DMR side doesn't know about when the call hooked)

Specific setting for bridged group calls

Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 21.59.50.png

  • PTT during Received Group Call - Enabled
    (allows to transmit to group without waiting, suitable for busy groups)

Location reporting

Core supports LIP and NMEA reports over SDS. Typical ISSI is xxx999 (same as in DMR), where xxx is a MCC of connected core.