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CTS Updater

CTS Updater ( is a small script to upload and update CTS configuration or database remotely and without restart. Better to run it on the same Linux system where dummy runs.

Utility creates index data, starts specific embedded ftp server, connects to CTS and initiates update. After updating it stops.


sudo apt install python3-pip python3-pyftpdlib
sudo pip install telnetlib3

Please make sure, you don't use firewall between your CTS and Linux. Also please make sure you have no ftp servers run on Linux system or use port TCP 21.


$ sudo ./ <IP-address of CTS> [db|cfg] <path to folder>

Exit codes:

  • 0 - Success
  • 1 - Error on Linux system
  • 2 - Error on CTS system
Update database
$ ls db1/
sum-gm.csv sum-gp.csv sum-sc.csv sum-sub.csv
$ sudo ./ db db1 ; echo $?
Update configuration
$ ls -l cfg1/
$ sudo ./ cfg cfg1 ; echo $?